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When it comes to product engineering and design, light opens up a wide range of opportunities for new and additional benefits to anyone who takes on the task of further developing existing products, rethinking their benefits and giving them additional functions, or improving existing ones: safety, comfort, individualization, orientation, aesthetics, operation, communication, identity and much more.

More and more people in the fields of product and industrial design, product management and technical development are coming to recognize and exploit this potential, creating functional and emotional added value in their products.

Light in Products

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The number of sectors in which light can be used in products is just as large as the spectrum of benefits that can be realized as a result. Based on lighting solutions that we have developed for and with our customers, as well as other examples that do not originate from our company, we would like to give you some suggestions of what possibilities light could open up also for your products.

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Luminous Lines in Design


Industrial designer Martin Schmidt has developed ideas for us how luminous lines can be used in a wide variety of products for directly visible, functional, but also decorative line lighting or indirect ambient lighting to improve existing or create new product benefits and generate real added value.

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Textile Lighting Solutions


Textile lighting systems, our latest technology, offer many advantages by means of alternative textile designs and lighting scenarios for innovative lighting solutions, providing a spectrum of new, exciting, and useful design possibilities. They are particularly suitable for the illumination of larger areas, free forms and for the realization of dynamic light.

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Design and Development Services


We support you in the design, engineering, and realization of innovative products with integrated lighting solutions through our various services – from brainstorming and technical development to finished lighting components – to make it easier and more efficient for you to integrate light successfully and economically into your products. In order to illustrate what light can do in products from a wide range of industries and how it helps to develop better products, we have set up a showroom at our company headquarters in Erkrath. It is also available to you as a virtual 3D online tour.

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Technologies for Light

Through a wide range of technologies, we offer economically suitable solutions for integrating light into your products. In recent years, for example, we have refined our basic technology of plastic injection moulding with new technical possibilities for guiding and diffusing product-integrated light.

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Lighting Solution Credentials


As a specialist for LED-based lighting solutions, we have many years of experience in implementing tailor-made lighting components for major brands and hidden champions from a wide range of industries: Automotive, Household, Sanitary and Building Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Tool Building, Security Engineering and many more. For our customers, we are a creative provider of ideas, a strong development partner and a reliable serial supplier. The best proof of this are our realized projects or – to be more precise – the products of our customers, which have been realized with the help of our lighting solutions.

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Integrated Lighting Solutions

You will find a lot of information about product-integrated lighting in our brochure “Integrated Lighting Solutions”. Download the brochure as a PDF or order this one and others in printed form.


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Web will be happy to advise you personally on the design, development and realisation of integrated lighting solutions in your products.

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