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When it comes to implementing linear lighting or indirectly lighting surfaces or piping/edging, our M-Fibre side light fibre system plays to its strengths. M-Fibre is a complete system of side light fibres and compact, high-performance LED modules for implementing lighting solutions that are optimised to the installation space and can be installed flexibly over a length of up to several metres.

M-Fibre: the multi-talented system for integrated linear light

M-Fibre side light fibres are thin and flexible and enable homogeneous light density with a radiation angle of 360°, without visible colour deviations even in tight radii. To achieve this, PMMA plastic optical fibres (POFs for short) in the desired length are activated, i.e. provided with individual light-emitting surface structures. They are then bundled together and placed in a diffuse sheath.


Small minimum order quantities – short delivery times

The individual components of the system are kept in stock so they can be delivered quickly with small minimum order quantities. The standard range includes side light fibres of different lengths and LED modules in two power classes – 1 W and 3 W – each with monochrome LEDs or RGB LEDs. Depending on the combination of fibre length and LED module, applications for a variety of ambient light levels and installation space situations are possible: nighttime, twilight and daylight applications, and even solutions for use in direct sunlight.


Customised solutions: the perfect fit

Beyond the standard range, there are a huge number of possibilities for adapting single system components for customised applications to satisfy individual requirements. Special LED modules can be developed, and side light fibres modified. The fibre length can be customised to the millimetre, for example. Or side light fibres can be only partially activated to prevent scattered light from being emitted in places where it’s not wanted. That means we can also develop multi-coloured applications and running lights or similar dynamic lighting scenarios for our customers.

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There are virtually no limits on how high-quality, product-integrated linear light can be used. The automotive, smart clothing, smart luggage and mechanical engineering sectors, building services engineering, residential and office furniture or domestic appliances and safety technology are just a few examples. You can find inspiration here.

Strengths, limits and alternatives

In addition to the system’s incredible flexibility and outstanding light quality over long lengths, other advantages of this largely tool-free technology are the low initial costs and short development times. The system reaches its technical and cost-feasibility limits where the installation space requirements are unsuitable or there is significant cost pressure (along with high unit quantities). In these situations, technologies with lower unit costs are preferable. The system is not suitable for backlighting surfaces. In the above-mentioned scenarios, other technologies, such as 2D light guides, plastic injection moulding or textile lighting systems are often more suitable.

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding



Textile Lighting

Textile Lighting




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