Areas of expertise

Electronics development


In close collaboration with diverse groups of experts at MENTOR and external partners, we develop series production-ready LED electronics for LED modules and lighting solutions in the car industry and many other sectors. That includes the development of hardware and software, requirements analyses and specifications creation, the development of test strategies, the definition and performance of tests, prototype building and test medium preparation.


Software development

In the field of electronics development, the importance of essential software development is increasing constantly. We are meeting this challenge with our own know-how and by collaborating with trusted specialist partners. We use the “V-model” as a development guide. In this holistic approach, the tests are specified and the testing managers are brought on board as early as the design phase (e.g. when the requirements are specified or the architecture is designed).

In addition, the related upstream and downstream processes such as project management, quality assurance and configuration management are also systematically taken into consideration alongside the software development processes themselves. Detailed specifications, result patterns and role definitions and allocations ensure projects are executed on a highly standardised basis. This allows us to consistently manage the increasing complexity of hardware and software development and ever shorter development times.


EOL test equipment

The requirements for product tests in series production have become considerably stricter. LED lighting systems are integrated into our customers’ products and this integration stage is usually performed on an almost finished product in the production process. Potential faults are often difficult to resolve at this stage.

That’s why our customers in both the automotive and non-automotive sectors are demanding products that have undergone 100% end-of-line testing. We have taken these more challenging requirements into account by establishing an expert group specialising in hardware and software development for (opto-)electronic test stands and database-based end-of-line testing systems.