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With our wide range of more than 2,500 standard products, we are partner to companies from a wide variety of sectors. Of course, we can also customise our products according to specific needs. Here, we’re presenting to you selected credentials from our product portfolio.

Application examples of our components

Siemens,Munich (D)


As the world’s leading supplier of modern PLC control systems Siemens relies on lighting technology by MENTOR: Miniaturized square light guides of type 1296 are used for the fault detectors WA40 and WA40-E. The light guide’s adjustment in length, as in this example, may be realized by MENTOR with no or only low tool costs.

UNITRO-Fleischmann, Backnang (D)


The fault and danger detectors of the Swabian company are equipped with light guides by MENTOR. The display fields are homogeneously illuminated by a customized version of the M-Cut light guide system, while the corresponding key caps of the 2271 series illuminate the function keys ideally. An exchange of the inscription inserts between light guide and foil is up to the customer and can be modified easily and cost-effectively.

Kromek Group plc, County Durham (UK)


The Kromek Group is a leading UK manufacturer of radiation detection solutions. Its products are used in the medical, nuclear and security control markets. MENTOR equips the Kromek D3S with a 1293 series front light guide. 2000, Groß Bieberau (D)


The company develops and manufactures creative network solutions for voice and data transmission. The ISDN Over Fiber Converter is equipped with standard 1296 series fiber optic cables which display the device status.

ASTRO Strobel Communications Systems GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach(D)


ASTRO is a specialist in the area of full service networks and digital reception systems. For the QAM Box, a DVB-S2 compact head-end, the company decided on MENTOR products. The light guides of the 1293 series are installed in a customer-specific length and also comply with the IP68 standard.

Moog GmbH, Paderborn (D)


Moog Industrial develops electric, hydraulic and hybrid drive solutions. The company’s servo controllers are equipped with 1282 fiber optics. These are IP68 rated. The picture shows the light guide after a year of installation and use underwater.

xOxshOp, Berlin (D)


The company Sound-Imperium offers accessories for analog synthesizers through its xOxshOp. Their products are delivered all over the world from their Berlin headquarter. Their premium product is the xOxbOx, for which aluminum knobs from the MENTOR standard program are used for reasons of haptics and quality.

Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, Wedemark-Wennebostel (D)


MENTOR products are also used for Sennheiser’s  shaping tomorrow’s audio world.. The world-famous company’s premium product range includes headphones, (wireless) microphone systems, conference and information systems as well as 3D audio technologies.
MENTOR’s customized buttons are used for several series of Sennheiser’s multi-channel receivers.

Funk Sound Studio Technology, Berlin (D)


Audio systems with excellent sound characteristics – made in Germany. The Berlin-based company is known worldwide for its high quality standards. Their product range includes series from both the analogue and digital audio engineering sectors. For the level controls of the preamplifier AMX-V Funk Sound Studio Technology decided to use aluminum knobs by MENTOR. The timeless design and the pleasant haptics meet the company’s high demands.

iseg Special Electronics GmbH, Radeberg (D)


iseg is a German manufacturer specialized in the development and production of high voltage generating devices for all industrial and research areas. For the well-established NHQ single/dual channel HV module iseg relies on the analog rotary knobs from the MENTOR standard program. The precise 10-turn potentiometers per channel serve for optimal voltage adjustment.

Crushsound, Polen


In cooperation with the architects of Le 2 Workshop, the Polish company developed the new electric guitar effect pedal “Farmers Mill”. Crushsound relies on the high quality of the aluminum knobs fromMENTOR’s standard program. You can see – and hear – which effects you can elicit from an electric guitar with Farmers Mill here.

EXOR modushop, Breslau (PL)


The Polish company specialises in the manufacturing of housing covers and related accessories. For the JAM microphone preprocessor Modushop uses MENTOR plastic control knobs with integrated pointer disc.

REMKO GmbH & Co. KG, Lage (D)


The North Rhine-Westphalian company develops and implements technical concepts in the field of heating and air-conditioning technology. Their room air conditioners are equipped with a MENTOR rotary knob system with collet chuck fastening. The product from the MENTOR standard program is supplemented by a customized cap.


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