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Mentor Components
As an internationally successful corporation, MENTOR has been setting standards in the technical development and implementation of mechanical, electronic and optoelectronic components for diverse areas of application in industry for decades. Our standard range offers more than 3000 components as well as a myriad of possibilities for customized versions. Many of our standard products can be delivered from stock at low minimum quantities and with short delivery periods.

Light Guide Systems for SMD-LEDs & THT LEDs


Easy to mount, space-saving and deblurred light guide solutions with very high luminous efficiancy and perfectly homogeneous lighting. Our range comprises front panel-mountable solutions, as well as vertical or horizontal versions for mounting on circuit boards, individual and multiple light guides, bar graph displays, different head shapes, a variety of sizes, including miniaturised versions and flexible light guide systems. More to light guide systems for SMD and THT LEDs.

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Opto Electronic Components


Our range of LED-based opto electronic components is focused on active components in the field of visible light. It includes Ring LED lights, Indicator lamps and sensors with metal or plastic holder, LED display elements for SMD and THT mounting, LED arrays, Scale LEDs, Bargraph arrays, 7-segment displays, a surface symbol illumination system as well as holders and reflectors. Read more about our Opto Electronic Components


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Keypad components and accessories


MENTOR offers a wide range of keypad components and accessories suitable for different applications. The range includes key caps and light fields with full illumination, with individual full and point illumination or with individual inscription inserts as well as flat key caps for keypads or plungers with or without point illumination as well as the matching accessoires. More about our keypad components 


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Electromechanical components SMD/THT


We are offering you a comprehensive range of electro mechanical components as surface mounted devices (SMD) or through-hole technology (THT). The focus of our product range is on SMD and THT switches, push-buttons and sockets in a variety of designs. In addition you will find fuse holders, SMD bridges and THT potentiometers. Here you’ll find more information about our electromechanical components 


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Handles · Housing- and Cabinet Accessories


Those who are looking for a suitable solution for one of the diverse functional requirements in the various fields of application will find a wide range of types of handles in different shapes, colors, sizes and materials at MENTOR. Our range includes bow-shaped handles, collapsible handles, tray handles, tubular handles, ledge handle and modular handle systems, carrying- and rear up handles, as well as device feet made of plastic, rubber and metal in terms of accessories. More about handles


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Plastic / Metal Knobs · Mechanical Components


MENTOR offers you a wide range of control and adjusting knobs. In addition to classical turning and wing knobs made of plastic or aluminium, the range also includes pointer and adjusting knobs, digital and analogue turning knobs for a wide range of applications as well as setting drives, couplings and more matching accessories. Read more about our range of knobs


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