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Our range of LED-based opto electronic components is focused on active components in the field of visible light. These components are classic features in human-machine interfaces and are used wherever light signals are required to draw attention to functions or operating states. Reliable, durable and versatile, they are the result of decades of experience in the development and production of components for a wide range of applications in industrial electronics.


Extensive Standard Product Range in SMD and THT

MENTOR offers an extensive range of SMD and THT standard opto electronic components in a variety of designs. Many of our standard products are available off the shelf – with short delivery times and low minimum order quantities. The product range includes modules for ring lighting, LED signal lights in various sizes, colours and materials, a wide range of LED indicator systems as well as 7-segment indicators, an area symbol lighting system, LED plastic frames and reflectors.


Customised solutions

If your requirements are better met by a customised solution, rather than a standard product, MENTOR can offer you a wide range of options. Implementing individual solutions is one of MENTOR’s core competencies. For example, we can provide different LED designs: Different geometries, light colours, power consumptions as well as different housing colours and materials. Experienced product developers work together with you to find the best and most economical solution in each case.

Optoelectronic components

The system of compact and powerful LED modules, matching LED drivers and sidelight fibres in various lengths enables you to integrate high-quality functional or decorative light into a wide variety of products and applications. In this way, you can realise a wide range of functional, aesthetic and emotional added value in your product. The fields of application for high-quality, product-integrated light of this kind are many and varied. The automotive, smart clothing, smart luggage and mechanical/equipment engineering sectors, home and building services engineering, home and work furniture or household appliances and security technology are just a few examples.


In our e-catalogue, you will find detailed information on all M-Fibre articles, e.g. technical data, drawings, dimensions or application recommendations, but also minimum order quantities for articles in stock or to be produced to order or special designs. In the service centre you can download data sheets for your articles, request stepfiles or directly start an enquiry.

M-Fibre in our e-catalogue

Further information about our sidelight fibre system “M-Fibre” can be found here.finden Sie hier.

Ring lights are compact modules with a very flat design for the circular illumination of switches, keys, knobs, controllers or jacks. They are available in two standard sizes and different designs. These ring lights, having an internal diameter of 12 mm or 16 mm and a lighting ring of up to 2 mm, are available with a white or RGB-LED and come with a choice between stranded wire connection or plug.

The signal lights product line covers more than 200 different products that can be used in a large variety of ways. Many of them can be purchased ex stock. The signal lights come in an SMD-LED or a THT-LED version and are have lens diameters of 3-10 mm. Different holder options provide variety. These include metal holders – chrome-plated or plastic – aluminium-coated. Customers can choose the right colour for their application from a range of monochrome or RGB-LEDs. You can find more information about the IP68 variants of the signal lights here.

Using LED display systems allows you to communicate various operating states of machines and devices. With its selection of more than 400 different LED display systems, MENTOR offers one of the largest product ranges in the area of optoelectronics in SMD and THT. The housings made of different types of plastic are equipped with various LED versions. Available in either a round, square or rectangular LED shape, the LED display systems can be integrated in any kind of design. Different brightness levels of the installed LEDs ensure that they can be used both during daytime and at night.

This system provides for an exceptionally wide range of design options for shapes, indicators, illumination units or large area backlighting or lighting. Thanks to their low height, these either square or rectangular surface modules can be used in multiple ways for surface lighting or backlighting. This allows you to implement function indicators solely on the basis of the shape of the combined modules.

Bar graph displays with additional symbols by printing onto the display area (diffuser discs) are also possible. By combining the individual modules, and with the added option of separately printing onto the diffuser discs, you can put together a tailor-made system that suits your needs. This allows you to respond more quickly to change requests within your own company. Linked together in a row, the housings can also illuminate a large display area in the form of a large diffuser disc. If you have any special requests to facilitate a more flexible use of the system that is more suited to your needs, we will be pleased to look into this for you. Different colour designs can also be achieved by using RGB-LEDs.

Clip-mounted holders for front panels are part of MENTOR’s diverse OPTO range. These are available in a variety of designs, partly ex stock for smaller minimum order quantities, suitable for Ø 3, 5, 8 and 10 mm LEDs and made from POM or PC. Lamp holders for W2x4.6d sockets are also part of the product range. The international standard socket dimensions facilitate the replacement of the lamps and are suitable as indicator and signal lights for a wide range of application areas.

Due to their aluminium coating, the reflectors achieve excellent beam properties. Their shape remains stable up to 160 °C. The reflectors can be used with transparent or clear coloured luminous caps. When mounted with a lamp holder, the reflector can be pushed either onto the luminary or the holder.

With the area lighting for logos, symbols and text, we do offer new, cost-effective solutions for backlighting of wide areas for this purpose: as a standard product with short delivery times and low minimum order quantities or as a customised solution
with a wide range of options. For illustration and test purposes, a sample version, with a logo already printed, is available from stock.


In our e-catalogue you will find detailed information on our area lighting. In the service centre you can download data sheets for your articles, request stepfiles or directly start an enquiry.

Area lighting in the e-catalogue

Take a look at our interactive e-Pub presentation. Various possibilities for implementation, mounting options and customer-specific examples are shown here.

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