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Turning, pushing, adjusting, controlling and displaying. A knob has to perform many tasks, which can be challenging and varied. Depending on the application, there are also requirements in terms of design, temperature-resistance and weather-resistance as well as ease of installation and profitability. Within our modular knob system, a knob can be fully customised to achieve the set-up required for the application in question.

For decades, MENTOR has been one of the leading specialists in plastic and metal knobs for the music industry, domestic appliance technology and many other industries.

Range of variants

MENTOR offers its customers a wide range of control and adjusting knobs. In addition to classical turning knobs made of plastic and metal, the range also includes digital and analogue turning knobs for a wide range of applications, aluminium wing knobs as well as matching accessories. Our knobs are available to you in a range of materials. Different plastics or aluminium, with collet or setscrew fixing: our range always has the solution for your applications.

Standard products and special versions

Our range includes a variety of standard products, many of which are available off the shelf with short delivery times and low minimum order quantities. But in cases in which a customised version is the best solution for you, MENTOR offers a variety of options. Implementing customised solutions is one of MENTOR’s core competencies. Other shapes, colours, radii and dimensions are possible. Experienced product developers work together with you to find the best and most economical
solution in each case.



Our accessories range includes precision setting drives, mechanical accessories and couplings. A knob application can be finished off with the corresponding individual components. Our entire range of accessory products is available off the shelf with short delivery times and low minimum order quantities.



Customers from across the globe depend on the competence and reliability of MENTOR and on the proven quality of our products. Many of them have been doing this for years. Here, you can find a short extract of projects we have implemented in the field of light guide systems.

More on the references in the field of knobs.

Knobs by MENTOR

MENTOR turning knobs with a setting drive and indication of the setting value by means of revolution counters or scales are the ideal way to always achieve a reproducible result in your application. Robust design made from plastic or plastic with an aluminium housing.
Analogue/digital turning knobs are designed for use with multi-turn precision rotary potentiometers or other types of switch panel control systems, which require a setting drive, and are available in a variety of versions.

Versatile uses

Produced from ABS or PBT, MENTOR plastic turning knobs are cost-effective, versatile and, thanks to collet or setscrew fixing, easy to install. They are designed for different loads and temperature requirements.


With the corresponding accessories, MENTOR plastic turning knob systems can be configured for a range of applications. With the right pointer dial, for example, a standard knob can become a customised product, entirely according to your requirements.

Short delivery times and low minimum order quantities

Many products from the range of plastic turning knobs are available off the shelf with short delivery times and low minimum order quantities.

Aluminium turning knobs

Thanks to its material properties, aluminium is an ideal material for control knobs intended to create a refined and high-quality impression. Our range of aluminium knobs with different fixing and control types is available in a range of designs. With the corresponding accessories, our aluminium turning knobs can be optimally adapted to the respective application.

Aluminium wing knobs

Due to their shape, aluminium wing knobs with setscrew and collet fixing provide a particular feel and very good operability. Both in silver with a protective finish and black powder coated, the wing knobs are available in a range of sizes in the classical design.

Light as additional benefit

Highlight your knobs. The combination of the MENTOR Ring LED Light and the matching MENTOR buttons create a real additional function through a unique design. For example, states and functions can be displayed via the backlighting.

Depending on the selected combination, you will create light ring around the knob or a filigree ring under the knob.


Is the size of the knob smaller as the illuminated ring you can create a light ring around the knob.

When the diameter of the knob is as big as the choosen Ring LED Light, you can create a filigree background light.
With the MENTOR Ring LED Light, you can easily and inexpensively integrate light into your products, machines and devices, making their operation safer and more comfortable.
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