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Opening and closing. Holding, gripping and operating. Pulling, pushing and lifting. The tasks, which have to be fulfilled by such an apparently simple product like a handle, are versatile and demanding. In addition, there are requirements for design, load bearing capacity and ergonomics, temperature and weather resistance, but also for ease of installation, cost effectiveness and long durability depending on the specific field of application. For decades, MENTOR has been one of the leading specialists for high-quality handles that are primarily used in professional applications. These are tooling and fixture construction, machinery, equipment and plant construction, metrology, laboratory- and medical technology, and many more.
Diversity of variants: Types, shapes, sizes and Materials:

Those who are looking for a suitable solution for one of the diverse functional requirements in the various fields of application will find a wide range of types of handles in different shapes, colors, sizes and materials at MENTOR. Our range includes bow-shaped handles, collapsible handles, tray handles, tubular handles, ledge handle and modular handle systems, carrying- and rear up handles, as well as device feet made of plastic, rubber and metal in terms of accessories.

We use different materials so that we can meet the wide range of requirements. For our handles, we use plastics, e. g. PA, ABS or PC, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, as well as suitable combinations of these materials. Various coating and anodizing processes, surface finishes or plastic coatings ensure we meet high standards of appearance, feel and durability.

Custom specific handles


If you need one of our handles in a different form or with different dimensions there is the possibility of a custom solution. Just contact us: Handle@mentor.de.com



Our range of accessories includes plastic ventilation lattices, front panel handles made of aluminum, plastic circuit board handles and instrument feet made of plastic, rubber and metal.
For different requirements for load-bearing capacity and the installation of instrument feet (plug-in, screw-in or adhesive fixing), we can provide you with suitable solutions.
Many of our products in this product range are deliverable from stock with short delivery times and small minimum order quantities. Of course, customized solutions are also possible.

Handle variations by MENTOR

Optimised properties for numerous applications
Made in 1- or 2-plastic-component technology, plastic handles from MENTOR are cost-effective, versatile and easy to install. They are designed for different load capacities and temperature requirements.

Versatile. Fast. Cost-efficient.
Our broad range of standard products includes carrying handles, tray handles and collapsible handles made of different plastics and in different geometries and sizes, many of which are deliverable from stock with short delivery times and small minimum order quantities.

Custom solutions
Moreover, there are diverse options for customized solutions: Other shapes, colors, radii and dimensions are possible.

Lightweight, solid and noble surface

The characteristics of aluminum – light, strong and with an elegant finish – make it an ideal material for many handle applications. Our wide range of standard aluminum handles include equipment handles, bow-type handles, ledge handle, handle systems and collapsible handles.

Standard products and custom solutions

Many of our aluminum handles are deliverable from stock with short delivery times and small minimum order quantities. Moreover, there are diverse options for customized solutions, wherein a specific measure of length (dimension A) can be easily catered for in certain cases, either without, or with only minor, tooling costs.

Strong and robust
Handles made of steel are ideal for high bearing loads and suitable for pulling-, pushing- and lifting activities in the field of equipment- and apparatus construction.

Extensive assortment
Our range offers bow-type handles in both a straight and angled shape, as well as collapsible handles, which are also available with plastic coating on the grip bar. Most of our standard handles made of steel are deliverable from stock with short delivery times and small minimum order quantities. You also have the option of realizing your individual design as customized solutions. Experienced product developers work out the best and most economical solution together with our customers.

Efficient with design aspects

If design aspects play a key role and you are looking for an elegant finish when choosing a stable grip, then handles made of stainless steel are a very good solution.

In our standard range we offer handles made of round or flat-oval stainless steel, collapsible handles and a modular handle system. Many of the standard handles are deliverable from stock with short delivery times and small minimum order quantities.

Custom solution

It is no problem if you prefer to use an individual design as a customer-specific solution. The implementation of customized solutions is one MENTOR’s core competencies. Other shapes, radii and dimensions are possible. Please feel free to contact us.

Diversity in materials and shape

We offer you a wide range of tray, collapsible and carrying handles made of different materials: Plastic tray handles, collapsible handles in a plastic version, in aluminum, or in a material mix of plastic / aluminum, and carrying handles with an internal steel spring.

Space-saving, attractive and ergonomic, they are solutions for high demands and carrying loads. Many of the standard handles in this product area are deliverable from stock with short delivery times and small minimum order quantities. However, customized options are also possible and it is always worth asking about individual solutions.

Easy assembly – stable in use

Our carrying- and rear up handle systems made of a material mix of plastic /alu minum are easily mounted due to their bushing mount and best suitable for carrying and supporting small appliances. The black plastic legs are available in dimensions from 110 mm to 250 mm. The handle profile in the versions are supplied as standard items with a length of 1000 mm and anodized in natural hue or in black. Other lengths are available on request.

Enhanced safety by anti-slip elements

There is also the option of suitable anti-slip elements. Our rear up handles made of steel are simple, robust and cost-effective solutions.

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