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30. September 2021

Volkswagen, Dormakaba and Viega rely upon lighting solutions from MENTOR


Time and again we are fascinated by how our customers use light in the design of their products in a useful, aesthetic and emotional way. Three very different integrated lighting solution that we were allowed to develop for and with Volkswagen, Dormakaba and Viega do show this vividly.

Ambient lighting in the VW Arteon

The VW Arteon – both in the Shooting Brake and saloon models – is impressive thanks to its dynamism and elegance, comfort and practicality. In the interior of the car, Volkswagen has opted for high-quality materials such as real wood and surfaces with the look of real leather. The exclusive interior fittings are complemented by tasteful, customisable ambient lighting. MENTOR light guides and microprocessor-controlled RGB coloured LEDs are used for the illuminated trim in the door panels. Learn more about the ambient lighting in the VW Arteon…


Viega Toilet flushing plate Visign for More 205 sensitive

A combination of an individually developed light guide and a diffusor plate provide indirect illumination for the Visign for More 205 sensitive flush plate from Viega. The integrated lighting solution makes the flush plate easier to use – hygienic because it is contactless – and serves as a guide in the dark. Find out more about the illuminated toilet flush plate from Viega here…


Dormakaba emergency exit safety system SafeRoute

The emergency exit safety system SafeRoute from dormakaba reliably monitors doors in emergency exits and escape routes, while also regulating access times or interlocking functions in public buildings. Communication between the user and device is assisted by an integrated lighting solution, which indicates the current status of the device using different colour codes. Find out more about the SafeRoute lighting system here…