The emergency exit safety system SafeRoute from dormakaba reliably monitors doors in emergency exits and escape routes, while also regulating access times or interlocking functions in public buildings. Communication between the user and device is assisted by an integrated lighting solution, which indicates the current status of the device using different colour codes.

Protection and safety are key elements of the core product portfolio offered by the access control and door protection mechanism experts at dormakaba. The SafeRoute emergency exit system is an emergency exit door product to monitor and control doors in escape routes. The innovative system covers the most varied safety and security requirements for emergency exit and escape route doors. SafeRoute guarantees doors can be opened effortlessly from the inside, ensuring the building can be exited safely in an emergency. At the same time, SafeRoute uses an access control system to monitor who is entering and leaving the building, protecting against break-ins and theft. The status of the device is communicated via an integrated light ring, which is equipped with an 8-segment light guide from MENTOR. The current status of the system is monitored continuously and indicated using a colour code: if the door is locked, the ring lights up in red; a green light indicates the door is open, and in the event of an alarm the ring lights up in green with flashing yellow light to show the door is an emergency exit. Faults or error messages are also communicated via the integrated lighting solution: if the ring is lit in red and flashes yellow, it indicates a tamper alert when the door is locked. The optical indicator’s brightness and flashing frequency can be adjusted to individual preferences. The light ring also supports the commissioning and operation of the system, as it indicates all of the different system statuses during installation.