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A combination of an individually developed light guide and a diffusor plate provide indirect illumination for the Visign for More 205 sensitive flush plate from Viega. The integrated lighting solution makes the flush plate easier to use and serves as a guide in the dark.

The Visign for More 205 sensitive toilet flush plate from Viega – an international, Attendorn-based family company in the sanitary and heating technology sector – is very impressive thanks to its all-round cutting-edge technology: from touchless flush comfort to a built-in hygiene function for automatic flushing, to tool-free assembly and its guide function, which is achieved using a lighting solution from MENTOR. The illuminated installation frame is equipped with a combination of an individually developed light guide and a diffusor plate, and it responds when someone approaches. The integrated LED lighting clearly stands out from the dark black glass plate in an aesthetically pleasing way, making the flush effortless to use and providing a guide in the dark. As a result, the integrated lighting solution combines functionality with exclusive design.

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