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10. February 2021

M-Fibre: New LED modules for even more possibilities

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M-Fibre, our side light fibre system, allows functional or decorative linear lighting to be integrated into an enormous range of products in a simple yet fascinating way, allowing for easy installation and optimum use of space while bringing a multitude of functional, aesthetic and emotional benefits.


Extended range of standard products

We have added new versions to our off-the-shelf range of standard LED modules, which means many more configurations are now possible for applications with the most varied ambient light levels. The LED modules are each equipped with an LED and offer a choice between white, monochrome or RGB versions with two different power options – 1 watt or 3 watts. Thanks to the combination of various fibre lengths and different LED modules, a huge range of side light fibre system configurations are possible – customised for use at night or twilight, in daylight or direct sunlight.


Customised solutions

The wide range of standard M-Fibre products with short delivery times and low minimum order quantities is complemented by a multitude of possibilities for customised solutions. First, this applies to side light fibres: For example, the number of individual fibres, as well as the diameter, material and colour of the sheath can be adapted to the usage requirements in question. Precise modulation of the activation process makes it possible to illuminate fibres only partially. The combination of these fibres with multiple light sources can achieve multi-coloured applications or dynamic lighting scenarios. Second, the LED modules can be customised too. The light colour and, to some extent, the power of the LED used and the associated adjustment of the cooling element are examples of typical customised LED module configurations.


Why M-Fibre?

Unlike with other poly-optical light fibre products available on the market, M-Fibre does not involve rolled goods and their known disadvantages. The light-emitting structures inside the individual poly-optical fibres are optimised to achieve a precise fibre length using an abrasive process. An integrated mixing lens in the RGB modules ensures good colour mixing and a consistent colour impression. The flexible side light fibre is impressive even over longer distances and in tight bending radii, thanks to its homogeneous lighting with constant brightness at a radiation angle of 360°. Due to the modular structure, fibres or LED modules can be replaced quickly and easily when needed. The overall result is a complete modular system, the components of which are perfectly tuned to one another: different length side light fibres for one- or two-sided lighting; compact, high-performance LED modules with different light colours and performance-based drivers for prototype construction.

Numerous potential uses – numerous benefits

The thin, flexible, malleable fibre is suitable for a wide range of lighting scenarios and is used in the car industry, machine and equipment construction, house and building construction, workplace and domestic furniture, household appliances, the security industry, and many more sectors besides. M-Fibre can also be easily integrated into freeform surfaces and used underwater, in explosion protection areas and in the food industry thanks to the spatial separation of the light source and the light emitting surface.

This kind of product-integrated light has a huge range of benefits – in terms of functional aspects, aesthetics and the emotional element of the end product. Designer Martin Schmidt has developed ideas for us to show the possibilities of implementing illuminated lines in modern products – find out more here. An impressive example of effective situation-based product customisation through light is the exhibition furniture used at the conference, which we had the pleasure of equipping with M-Fibre recently. Find out more here.

You can find more detailed information on M-Fibre products in our e-catalogue and our M-Fibre brochure.