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20. July 2020

Illuminated Lines in Design

In product and industrial design, when existing projects have to be enhanced, their benefits re-thought and new features added, light opens a lot of opportunities for an aesthetic and functional (re)design. Individuality, convenience, guidance, safety, communication, usability – product-integrated lighting creates significant added value in many different types of consumer and capital goods.

One option is to integrate illuminated lines as functional as well as decorative lines, or even as indirect ambient lighting. The side light fibre system M-Fibre is predestined for realising these types of lights. We asked designer Martin Schmidt to develop ideas for us that show how linear lighting can be used creatively. By using specific examples from areas such as access control, accident prevention and smart luggage, as well as furniture and stairs, he shows how illuminated lines enable innovative functions and special aesthetics.

Be inspired.