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8. November 2016

Variable and cost-effective solutions: New MENTOR signal lights with SMD-LED for use in front panels and enclosure front panels


Based on an SMD LED, MENTOR has developed a new signal light, which is available in a wide range as a standard product and offers a variety of options for customized solutions. During development we focused on ease of assembly, efficiency and variability, so that the new signal light can be used in many applications both indoors and outdoors.




Wide range of standard products
All standard products have a robust plastic housing, optionally available in black or with a metallic appearance, and an aperture diameter of 10mm. The lens diameter is either 3mm or 5mm. The series 2660 signal lights are equipped with white or RGB low-current LEDs and feature a wire connection or a plug connector for multi-pin connectors 2×2 (RM 2.54mm). All standard versions are maintained by MENTOR as stock items and are available with short delivery times and in small minimum quantities.

Simple and fast assembly: Plug in instead of screwing in
The new signal light is suitable for front panels and enclosure front panels from a thickness of 1.5mm. It is not necessary to screw it in place from the rear side during installation. It is inserted from the front side of the front panel into the mounting opening and fixed there firmly by the integrated metal clamp ring itself.

Waterproof – UV-resistant – High ESD protection
By choosing UV-stable materials, the signal light is perfectly suitable for outdoor use. By using seals and completely encapsulating the board, it meets the requirements of protection category IP68 (bores of Ø8H7). The combination of the SMD LED with a light guide within the signal light results in very high ESD protection for the front panel or enclosure front panel. Standard ESD protection diodes ensure easy assembly and storage.

Easy replacement for re-design
The diameter of the necessary mounting hole is 8mm in the new signal light, just like the previous THT version. In this way, the old signal light can be easily replaced by the new SMD version in existing applications.

A variety of options for customized versions
The modular basic concept of the signal light means that it’s no problem at all to create special customized versions. The SMD-LED can therefore be customized with options for single color, special colors or duo-LED, IR or night vision. The signal light can be equipped with an I²C controller, series resistors or an alternative electrical connection. These individual configurations do not usually result in any additional tooling costs. Furthermore, colored lenses or special lens shapes are likewise possible as alternative enclosure colors or other aperture shapes and sizes.


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