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8. November 2016

New lighting solution: Ring LED light used as a standard component for switches, buttons, knobs, connectors, controllers and logos


Just like in the consumer goods sector, design aspects in the field of machinery and equipment are also becoming increasingly important. In this context, the use of lights in products is of particular relevance. More and more designers and product developers are recognizing the many ways light can be used to create a functional, aesthetic and emotional added value in their products. In order to make it possible to integrate light in a simple and cost-effective manner in products, MENTOR is presenting new Ring LED light as a standard component at Electronica 2016.

The compact design and the very flat structure (only 4mm) create a host of applications: switches, buttons, knobs, controllers, jacks or logos can thus be illuminated. The circumferentially homogeneous lighting effect is realized here with only a single LED. The installation is achieved simply and quickly using a mounting dome in the front panel. In addition to the range of standard products, a modular product design allows MENTOR to derive customized solutions from standard products quickly. To a certain extent, any additional invest costs are very low, ensuring individual design requests can be realized.

Standard products: 12mm or 16mm
Two standard sizes are available in different designs. With internal diameters of 12mm or 16mm and with a lighting ring of up to 2mm, these are available with a white or RGB LED, all optionally with either wire connections or plug for 2×2 pin headers (RM 2.54mm).

A variety of options for customized solutions
When choosing the LEDs to be used, several options are available for customer specific configurations: monochrome, duo, RGB, or special colors. The same applies to the printed circuit board equipped with optional I²C controllers or series resistors, and an electrical connection. Generally, special sizes are likewise possible as individual directional geometries, such as rectangles, ellipses, triangles, crescents or free contour-following forms, such as with a door lock. Depending on the complexity of the desired solution, one or more LEDs are used here in order to ensure a consistently uniform photographic image.


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