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2. January 2019

MENTOR is a member of the German Design Council


We are happy to announce that MENTOR was admitted to the circle of donors of the German Design Council

The donor circle is composed of more than 300 renown companies of various industries who are engaged in design relevant processes. Founded in 1953 by the German Parliament, the German Design Council has become one of the world’s leading, independent competence centres for knowledge transfer in the field of brand and design expertise. Today, most of the German, leading, design-oriented companies are members of the Council.

As a member of the circle of donors we’re benefiting from the council’s unique network of expert, and we’re looking forward to an active exchange with other prestigious, visionary companies. At the same time, the German Design Council offers MENTOR an exclusive forum to communicate its own expertise.

Why is MENTOR, as an OEM manufacturer for solutions and components interested in product and industrial design, you might wonder. As an expert for product-integrated lighting we provide our clients with multiple options to add functional, aesthetic or emotional benefits to their products. For instance, by making them safer, more convenient, individual or offering a greater level of orientation. Adding light makes our customers’ products more innovative: more beneficial, beautiful, individual – or simply better.

Therefore, we’re actively seeking dialogue with product- and industrial designers, because it’s them as well as technical developers and design engineers who are responsible for developing tomorrow’s products. To promote and support this goal. MENTOR has been a member of the VDID – the association of German Industrial Designers e.V. . The VDID has close to 500 members, most of them industrial designers.