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19. July 2022

Energy supply at MENTOR


Securing our energy supply – whether for our private or business use – is currently on everyone’s mind in Germany. We are increasingly being contacted by concerned customers with questions about our continued ability to deliver our products and services in face of the current situation. We would like to respond to these concerns with the following message:


Just like everyone else, we at MENTOR have carefully analysed our dependency on the different energy sources in view of the current situation and are working on continuity plans to cover various emergency scenarios. Our production facilities at all four production sites in Germany, Poland and Tunisia are not dependent on gas supply and are therefore not directly affected by the current situation. Gas is only used at two of our four sites as an energy source to heat our buildings. If a gas supply shortage were to arise, we have already prepared a plan of action that would also ensure that our buildings and facilities for production, logistics and administration remain heated in the event of such a supply problem. We will continue to carefully monitor the situation on the energy markets in order to respond proactively to any new developments. Our priority here is to ensure our continued ability to deliver our products and services.