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15. March 2018

M-Fibre – Innovative side light fibre for product-integrated light solutions


The new sidelight fibre system M-Fibre offers fascinating possibilities for functional or decorative line lighting in products of various sectors.

As one of the leading specialists in product-integrated LED light, we extending its technology range for customised light solutions with the addition of M-Fibre, a new side light fibre system. The system was introduced for the first time at the Light + Building 2018 trade fair in Frankfurt.

M-Fibre is a system of customised LED modules and a special side light fibre, tailored to the specific requirements of the respective customer application.

Thin – Flexible – Homogeneous

PMMA plastic optical fibres (POFs for short) in the desired length are activated, i.e. provided with individual light-dispersing surface structures. They are then bundled together to create a fibre core and sheathed with a diffusing sleeve. The resulting side light fibres are thin, flexible, and enable homogenous light density with a radiation angle of 360°, without visible colour deviations even in tight radii.

Depending on the application, the fibres can be activated across the entire length or only partially. With partial activation, only specific areas of the side light fibre are lit up in a targeted and loss-optimised manner. This prevents undesired scattered light and optimises the efficiency of the integrated lighting system. With this technology, multi-coloured applications and running lights or similar dynamic lighting scenarios are also possible.

High quality of light – low initial costs – rapid development times

In connection with single or multi-coloured LED modules for one or two-sided lighting, M-Fibre allows for lighting solutions that are optimised to the installation space and can be installed flexibly over a length of several metres.

Unlike other POF solutions available on the market, M-Fibre is not available as rolled goods or standard solutions, but is a lighting system in which all individual components are optimally tailored to the respective customer requirements. In addition to the system’s high flexibility and outstanding light quality, other advantages of the new, largely tool-free technology, are the low initial costs and short development times.

Various possibilities for a wide range of applications

The new side light fibre gives product designers and developers multiple ways of achieving functional yet decorative linear lighting or indirect ambient lighting. Integration in freeform surfaces is also easily possible. Through the spatial separation of the light source and the light emitting surface, M-Fibre can also be used under water, in explosion protection areas and in the food industry.

The fields of application for high-quality, product-integrated light of this kind are wide-ranging. The automotive, wearables and mechanical engineering sectors, building services engineering, residential and office furniture or domestic appliances and safety technology are just a few examples.

You can download the new catalogue in our download area or, like other documents, can order printed copies of them.