The MOTUS® C14 motor starter from Wöhner GmbH & Co. KG convinces with simple operability and intuitive menu navigation – supported by an integrated lighting solution that signals different device states and simplifies commissioning of the device.

Wöhner has been developing intelligent and innovative solutions in the electrical engineering sector for over 90 years and is an internationally recognised partner in the fields of control technology, energy distribution and renewable energies. With its MOTUS® C14, the family-run company based in Rödental in Upper Franconia has developed an electronic motor starter that provides the highest standards of intrinsic safety and can also be switched back on following a short circuit. What’s impressive about the MOTUS® C14 is its especially slim design, simple operation and intuitive menu navigation.

An integral part of the interactive operating concept is the main button that is supplied by MENTOR with an integrated light guide – consisting of a mixing and fuser unit that ensure the light is fed evenly into the light guide, and an assembly aid for the display and arrow buttons. The main button indicates different device statuses by using colour coding. For example, a white LED indicates that the device is ready for operation, while a green LED indicates that the motor is running. If the LED on the main switch is yellow, this indicates a warning state. If it is red, there is a fault. The similarly illuminated arrow buttons, for which MENTOR provided two moulded parts, are used for the guided start-up of the device and entering the required parameters.

A particular challenge when developing the lighting design solution was the semi-transparent housing of the device, which is also illuminated for varying status indicators. With a two-component moulded part, the light ray is separated in the main button from the remaining environment and protected from overexposure in the housing.