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17. June 2019

VDID Newcomers Award 2019. And the winners are …

Lars Herzog, Lina Pfannstiel and Benedikt Schneeberg win special prize “Light in Product Design” awarded as part of the VDID Newcomers’ Award 2019.

The VDID, Association of German Industrial Designers, has presented the VDID Newcomers’ Award for many years. It honours outstanding study achievements and offers aspiring product and industrial designers a platform and support for their successful career start. This year, a total of 198 pieces were submitted by young designers from 30 universities, covering all branches of product and industrial design.

The presentation of the Newcomers’ Award 2019 took place as part of the VDID IndustriedesignTag conference at the Interzum fair in Cologne. Four equal-ranking main prize winners received the award; and four other pieces were recognised in the VDID NEWCOMERS’ AWARD 2019 HONORED category. Congratulations to all winners on their achievements.

This was the second time that the special prize “Light in Product Design”, sponsored by MENTOR, was also offered and awarded as part of the Newcomers’ Award. By awarding this special prize, MENTOR supports the VDID in its promotion of young talent and aims, at the same time, to enthuse young designers about the wide range of possibilities that integrated lighting solutions can offer in the design of trend-setting products. The judges were particularly impressed by the project “Schutzhelm der Bereitschaftspolizei” [safety helmet for anti-riot police] submitted by Lars Herzog, Lina Pfannstiel and Benedikt Schneeberg, which won them the “Light in Product Design” 2019 special prize.

The identification number is integrated in the helmet as a light emitting element which makes it easily recognisable even in poor visibility conditions. To distinguish between different units, an OLED strip is attached to the upper edge of the helmet’s outer shell as colour coding. The strip and the display can be set to different colours to ensure that the wearer’s identity and the unit to which he or she belongs are easily recognisable during an operation. The jury decision said: “An existing product can be reinterpreted with new technology. The helmet increases the personal safety of the wearer while also preventing delays and mistakes through orientation and communication.”

The study project was created in the 5th semester 2018/19 of the Design Faculty’s Industrial Design and Communication Design courses at Darmstadt University under the supervision of Prof. Tom Philips (Technical Concept) and Prof. Philipp Thesen (Human-System-Interaction).

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