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31. May 2022

M-FabriX – Using luminous textiles in design


Integrating light in a wide variety of products and applications creates a variety of fascinating design options and make it possible to give products functional, emotional or aesthetic added value. A particularly flexible way of incorporating light in a product is to use textile lighting systems. Our textile fibre mat M-FabriX is especially impressive due to its plasticity and flatness. Requiring very little installation space, the textile, used as a light guide here, can be easily integrated in products.

Working with the product designer Martin Schmidt, a range of innovative ideas was developed that visualise in a striking way the scope of application, possible uses and design potential of the M-FabriX fibre mat – from individually designed cots for babies and young children with sleep promoting lighting features to seating with coloured luminous textile elements in cinemas and other culture venues that help people find their seats through to illuminated safety helmets for the reliable protection for firefighters, police officers or other emergency responders during their work.

Let yourself be inspired by illuminated product and application ideas that show how our textile lighting system M-FabriX can be used in innovative ways.