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Metrum Cryoflex and the Cryotherapy Revolution with Cryo T Vital and M-Fibre

Since its foundation in 1992, Metrum Cryoflex, a leading European manufacturer of medical devices, has established itself as a pioneer in the field of cryotherapy. With a broad product portfolio and a worldwide customer base of more than 7,000 private clinics, the company sets standards in medical care.
Metrum Cryoflex is committed to continuously improving the efficacy and safety of its products. This is why the introduction of new technologies and the development of state-of-the-art equipment are at the heart of its endeavours.
In close collaboration with leading experts in the fields of sports, wellness and physiotherapy, Metrum Cryoflex has developed the revolutionary Cryo T Vital cryotherapy device. This unit combines unparalleled safety and quality with innovative features. It facilitates the work of fitness, wellness, sports and beauty professionals.


Focus on innovation

A special feature of Cryo T Vital is the use of our M-Fibre sidelight fibre, which has won several design and innovation awards. The integration of the sidelight fibre enables direct line and ambient lighting with a homogeneous luminance and a flexibility that surpasses conventional technologies. The use of M-Fibre underlines Metrum Cryoflex’s corporate identity and is an elegant demonstration that medical products can also meet high design standards. With little effort: MENTOR’s expert team advised that this solution could be achieved using standard M-Fibre elements without major development projects.


M-Fibre: The integrated line lighting all-rounder

M-Fibre side light fibres are thin and flexible, allowing them to be used in tight spaces where other lighting solutions struggle to perform. They also offer homogeneous luminance without visible colour variations over lengths of several metres. With this technology, we can offer customised solutions to customers like Metrum Cryoflex and support a wide range of applications in areas such as automotive, smart clothing, smart luggage, machine and appliance manufacturing as well as home and building technology.
The integration of M-Fibre into Metrum Cryoflex’s Cryo T Vital is a great example of aesthetic and emotional product enhancement through the purposeful use light.