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4. October 2017

Experience integrated lighting solutions live – Our new showroom in Erkrath


Light must be experienced. To be able to truly assess the quality of light, its homogeneity and its impact, you must see the light applications with your own eyes. Our perception of light is very subjective and is also dependent on the respective ambient conditions, distance and angle of observation. How good a lighting solution really is and what impact it achieves can only be ascertained to a limited extent when looking at photos or films.


To give us a better way of showing our customers what light can really do in their products, we have set up a showroom in our main factory in Erkrath. Here, based on completed projects from the fields of automotive, household or sanitation and facilities management, we show how high-quality lighting solutions can make products better, more useful, more individual and often simply more beautiful. Would you like to get your own impression of the wide range of possibilities of using light in your product? Then simply arrange an appointment with us.