Compleo | Wallboxes

Mentor Lighting Solutions

The eBox smart and eBox professional wall boxes from e-mobility company Compleo allow electric cars to be charged reliably. The current charging status of the connected vehicle is indicated using an integrated lighting solution – no matter what the outside light conditions.

Compleo supplies modern energy technology for an environmentally-friendly future – from electricity and natural gas, to solar energy and heating technology, to e-mobility products. The future of transport lies in electromobility, to ensure tomorrow’s world will be safe and clean. This not only includes electric vehicles themselves, but also a functioning energy supply and infrastructure with adequate charging facilities. The eBox smart and eBox professional wall boxes provide personal charging infrastructure for homes and businesses, allowing electric cars to be charged from the building’s mains supply. The lighting system in the charging stations is made by MENTOR.


User communication & intuitive device operation

The charging station lighting system developed by MENTOR for Compleo ensures user-friendly communication between the wall box and user and allows the device to be operated intuitively: LED signals in different colour tones indicate the vehicle’s current charging status, which the user comprehends intuitively and can read with just a glance at the device. A particular challenge when developing the lighting was designing a compact solution that was bright enough, regardless of the outside light conditions, to allow the current system status to be read easily at any time – even in daylight and direct sunlight.