ABA-flow Grüne Welle LED 3

ABA BEUL GmbH is a company based in the southern Sauerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It has been active since 1895 and established itself as a market leader in the fields of building technology and connectors and adapters, water treatment and Flexguss®. The ABA-flow® flushing stations “Comfort” and “Basic” (flushing units for automatic hygiene flushing in cold or hot water pipes) have been equipped by MENTOR with an integrated lighting solution. ABA-flow® monitors, controls, visualises and saves relevant data related to the water temperature in the pipework.

Here is an example: If a cold water pipe is used on an irregular basis and the water temperature increases to over 25°C, this may cause  the growth of legionella – bacteria that live in the water – and affect the water quality and hygiene. If predefined values are exceeded, the temperature sensor integrated in the flushing station sends a signal that causes a valve to open. The warm water is then flushed out and fresh water can flow in.

This exchange of water ensures that optimal temperatures and the best possible drinking water hygiene standards are maintained at all times. The lighting solution integrated by MENTOR is part of the integrated status display in both flushing modules. The LED display visualises the device’s current status information with the help of a colour lighting solution.

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