RGB coloured light

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To create sophisticated interior lighting, dynamically adjustable coloured light scenarios are an absolute must nowadays. Customers want lighting that produces a homogeneous colour pattern and perfect synchronisation of all RGB light sources used, with a coloured lighting world that covers the widest possible RGB colour spectrum.


RGB coloured light solutions. For sophisticated interior lighting

MENTOR has developed an innovative RGB LED solution for sophisticated coloured lighting applications like these. It is based on an intelligent RGB basic module with an integrated microcontroller, which, thanks to its compact design, can be used in many different applications in direct or indirect interior lighting. The solution can be used in the form of area lighting, linear light or spotlights to provide coloured lighting for footwells, handgrips, map pockets, fabric compartments, vents, trays, door sill strips, cup holders and so much more.

Smart basic module with integrated microcontroller

RGB Module

The integrated microcontroller and the one hundred percent end-of-line module calibration make it possible to compensate for temperature and ageing-related effects as well as production-based colour and brightness binning. At the same time, the light flow from each module is individually adjusted in order to avoid light density differences between individual applications, or to make deliberate use of them. This guarantees a constant colour location and constant brightness of all RGB lights integrated into the system. The MENTOR RGB coloured light solution can communicate using the LIN automotive protocol, and the LEDs and microcontrollers used are certified for automotive use.


Individual parameters – modular system


Every circuit board containing RGB LEDs is measured individually and calibrated according to its intended use. In this process, the electronic and optical characteristics of the LEDs are recorded, and the colour location and brightness are adjusted. This data, and the resulting individual parameters for the module, are stored on the microcontroller. Different LED modules that are adjusted to fit the installation space perfectly can be combined with different light guides and reflectors. As a result, there are many different possibilities for using these solutions in vehicle interiors in an incredibly wide variety of ways.

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